Mimii Fuming as Ayo Chooses Uma for Challenge Kiss

Mimii Fuming as Ayo Chooses Uma for Challenge Kiss

Mimii Fuming as Ayo Chooses Uma for Challenge Kiss

NAME: Mimii Ngulube

AGE: 24

FROM: Portsmouth

OCCUPATION: Mental Health Nurse

WHY LOVE ISLAND?¬†The pool in Portsmouth is not giving. I’ve tried dating, speaking to people on social media and it just hasn’t been successful. Applying was a spontaneous thing, I didn’t expect to get here!¬†

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA?¬†My girls are my rocks and I’m theirs so I’ll be a good friend as well as going in there to find a man. I like dressing up so I’ll bring style, and I’d like to think I’m quite funny so I’ll make people laugh. Bringing honesty as well – I’m good at picking up on people’s personality traits and side-eyeing those who might be a liar.

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NAME:  Sean Stone

AGE: 24

FROM: Hertford

OCCUPATION: Sweet Salesman

WHY LOVE ISLAND?¬†I’ve always been one for relationships and when you have found someone you want to be with it’s the best feeling. Now is the perfect time, the one thing that is missing is my soulmate.¬†

HOW WOULD FRIENDS/FAMILY DESCRIBE YOU?¬†Very loving, caring and thoughtful. I’m the kind of guy that if you broke down on the motorway and needed your tyre changed, I’d be there at any time of night.¬†

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NAME: Harriett Blackmore

AGE: 24

FROM: Brighton

OCCUPATION: Dancer & Personal Shopper

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA? I’ll bring the entertainment for everyone in the Villa, whether that’s making the girls laugh or making the boys turn their heads, I’m sure that I’ll bring the drama.¬†

CLAIM T0 FAME?¬†Being a bit of an IT girl in Brighton, I’ve done personal shopping for the rapper Arrdee and one of my best friends is Saffron Barker the YouTuber.¬†

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NAME: Ayo Odukoya

AGE: 25

FROM: Canning Town


WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA?¬†I think I’d bring excitement and joy. I think people would have someone to come to and talk to and feel comfortable being around or to have a laugh with. I think I’m somebody everyone would take to.

WHY SHOULD SOMEBODY DATE YOU? I feel like the way I carry myself is very respectful and I think people take to that and once you show who you are to somebody you get it back tenfold. The way I am gives off a good enough energy for people to feel comfortable around me. 

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NAME:  Nicole Samuel

AGE: 24

FROM: Aberdare, Wales

OCCUPATION: Accounts Manager

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?¬†I’ve been enjoying single life and the attention of different boys, it’s fun. I’ve enjoyed being able to go on holiday with the girls and not having to worry about someone back home. All the girls are there texting in their room and I’m out till 4 in the morning living my best life.

WHAT IS SOMETHING NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU? I became a world champion dancer in 2011, not many people know that. I was a professional street dancer. 

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NAME:  Ronnie Vint

AGE: 27

FROM: South East London

OCCUPATION: Semi Professional Footballer

WHAT’S YOUR TYPE ON PAPER? I want someone that’s family orientated, caring and career minded. Lookwise, I like blondes with nice boobs but am partial to a brunette too.

CLAIM T0 FAME? Bradley Dack is my best friend and he and Olivia are a big part of my life. I call Olivia my big little sister, she always looks out for me.

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NAME: Jess White

AGE: 25

FROM: Stockport

OCCUPATION: Retail Manager

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? I don’t underestimate the fact that I’m hard work. I know what I want and I’m not easily pleased. When you’re a loud, outgoing woman, sometimes it can intimidate men – men don’t always want that.

WHAT’S YOUR TYPE ON PAPER?¬†I love a set of white Turkey teeth but a good set of Turkey teeth. I would say personality traits, you have to be family orientated. You have to be tall, you can’t be shorter than me, I can’t be having to question whether I can wear heels around you and what height of heels I can wear. If you’re vertically challenged, it’s not for me.

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NAME: Ciaran Davies

AGE: 21

FROM: Pencoed, South Wales


WHAT’S YOUR TYPE ON PAPER?¬†Obviously looks but humour is a big thing for me, I’m a bit of a wind up so I want a girl who can give it back. Loyalty is another one for me, I think that’s the most important thing to look for in a relationship.

CLAIM T0 FAME?¬†When I was in Malia on a boys holiday I pretended to be Liam Reardon from series 7 to get into a club because they wouldn’t let us in. It worked and we ended up getting a private booth and free drinks all night.

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NAME: Uma Jammeh

AGE: 23

FROM: Islington, north London

OCCUPATION: VIP host / model

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?¬†I feel like I’ve been so unlucky in love! It’s all been underwhelming so far. I don’t know what the reason is, I think it’s them, as it can’t be me!

CLAIM TO FAME? I was born in a closet in the hospital! There were no rooms left, my poor Mum!

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NAME: Joey Essex

AGE: 33

FROM: Chigwell, Essex

OCCUPATION: Reality star

CLAIM TO FAME? The Only Way Is Essex 

FAMOUS EXES: Joey was in a relationship with fellow TOWIE star Sam Faiers from 2011 to 2014 with the pair getting engaged before they split. He has also been spotted locking lips with former Love Island stars Ellie Brown and Maura Higgins. He also dated his Dancing On Ice pro partner Vanessa Bauer.  

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NAME: Omar Nyame

AGE: 25

FROM: Croydon, London


WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?¬†¬†People always assume that I‚Äôm a player and a flirt but really and truly that’s not me.


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NAME: Grace Jackson

AGE: 25

FROM: Manchester

OCCUPATION: Model and social media marketing coordinator 

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?¬†No guys have good communication and it’s painful. I like someone who doesn’t take themselves and life too seriously.

My lifestyle can put guys off a little bit, I like to go out and go abroad a lot. They can’t keep up with my lifestyle. It’s the life that I want, and it helps with my business.¬†

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NAME: Wil Anderson

AGE: 23

FROM:Whitley Bay

OCCUPATION: Quantity surveyor

WHY DID YOU WANT TO GO ON LOVE ISLAND? I wanted to be single for the last year because I’ve been in two serious relationships from the age of 18 but, now I feel like it’s time to put myself back out there. I want to feel that love again

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NAME: Tiffany Leighton

AGE: 25

FROM: Hertfordshire

OCCUPATION: HR co-ordinator

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?¬†I‚Äôm fit, I‚Äôm bubbly and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’ll bring some spice, spontaneity and bring my best flirting game.

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NAME: Matilda Draper

AGE: 24

FROM: Beckenham

OCCUPATION: Recruitmant Consultant

WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’LL BRING?¬†I want to bring sunshine to the Villa, I‚Äôm lighthearted and don‚Äôt take myself too seriously. If things get too serious in the Villa I‚Äôm going to throw in a little joke or a ‚Äėwould you rather‚Äô.¬†

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NAME: Konnor Ewudzi

AGE: 28

FROM: Cornwall


WHY LOVE ISLAND AND WHY NOW? I am ready to find somebody. I’ve been in a couple of relationships and now feels like the right time as I have learnt from past relationships. I’ll be able to pick out the red flags now. 


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