Kevin Costner stays serious while Christine Baumgartner cries about her expensive life and asks for more child support

Kevin Costner stays serious while Christine Baumgartner cries about her expensive life and asks for more child support

Christine Baumgartner, who is separated from Kevin Costner, became very upset in court while talking about their extravagant lifestyle, which costs $11 million a year. This includes a $175 million beachfront house and a large ranch in Aspen. She recently moved out of the beachfront house into a $40,000-per-month rental property nearby, but she says it’s not as good for their children. She wants more money to provide a similar lifestyle for them.

In court, she showed pictures of Costner’s expensive property, which has a beautiful deck, an infinity pool, and more. She explained how they live a sporty life with activities like surfing and fishing. Costner’s lawyer says he makes over $1.4 million per month, but he wants to pay less than $60,000 per month in child support.

The court also heard about their lavish life in Aspen, where they have a fancy ranch with sledding trails, music in the trees, and more. The property is even rented out for $50,000 per day.

Baumgartner shared stories of their extravagant Christmas parties and vacations to Hawaii. She also talked about a family friend named Josh Connor but denied that he was her boyfriend.

Costner’s lawyer questioned her about her new rental property, suggesting it’s similar to their old home. They are trying to prove that she doesn’t need as much monthly child support as she’s asking for.

The hearing will continue for two days, and they’ve been married for 19 years. Costner was surprised when she filed for divorce, and they’ve been arguing about where they will live and how much child support she should get.

Initially, she asked for $248,000 per month, but now she’s asking for $175,000 per month to maintain a comparable lifestyle for their children. She claims their children live in luxury when they are with Costner, and her new rental property doesn’t compare.

The court will also delve into Costner’s finances, including his income from the TV show Yellowstone. The case is set to go to a full trial later this year.”

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