June Brown

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison, 58, shows rare photo with husband Yassine Al-Jemoni, 38, following cancer diagnosis disclosure

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison has been pictured with her husband Yassine Al-Jemoni for the first time since revealing her secret…

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Natalie Cassidy from EastEnders shares that her daughter Joanie finds her soap character Sonia to be ‘so boring’

EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy has revealed her daughter Joanie, seven, thinks her character on the iconic soap is 'so boring' and 'fast-forwards'…

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Natalie Cassidy from EastEnders opens up about the challenges she faced following the passing of her close friend and co-star June Brown

--> --> --> Natalie Cassidy has candidly revealed that she went through a 'very, very difficult time' following the death…

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