John Blackman

Wilbur Wilde to play special role at John Blackman’s funeral

Wilbur Wilde will play a key role in the funeral of his friend and Hey Hey It's Saturday co-star, John…

Bintano Bintano

RIP John Blackman: Tributes pour in for Hey Hey It’s Saturday star

Tributes are pouring in for John Blackman after he died at the age of 76 following a harrowing battle with cancer and surgery…

Bintano Bintano

John Blackman, Hey Hey It’s Saturday star, shares heartbreaking aftermath of cancer surgery: ‘I can’t pursue my passion’ following jaw removal

John Blackman underwent a massive 12-hour operation to remove a cancerous growth on his mouth and jaw in 2018. And the Hey…

Bintano Bintano
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