X (Formerly Twitter) Expands Data Collection in Privacy Policy Update: What You Need to Know

X, which used to be called Twitter, recently announced some changes in how it collects information from its users. They updated their privacy policy to include new rules about the data they can gather.

One big change is that they might now collect your biometric information, like fingerprints or facial recognition data. They say they’ll use this for safety and security reasons.

They also mentioned a new section in their policy called “job applications.” In this part, they might gather details about your work and education history. They could even collect information about what kind of jobs you’re interested in and your skills.

If you’re a premium user on X, they might ask you for a government ID and a selfie to confirm your identity. They might use these to make sure your account is linked to a real person and not a fake one.

These changes are similar to what other social media sites do, but it means X is interested in even more of your personal info. They’re making these changes as their owner, Elon Musk, wants to make X a super-app that offers many services, like finance. Also, some places are starting to require social media sites to check users’ ages, and that often involves verifying IDs or selfies with AI.

But just recently, a judge stopped a law in Arkansas that would have made social media sites verify users’ ages. So, these rules are still being debated and might change in the future.

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Written by Bintano

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