X Factor Star Lucy Spraggan Marries Girlfriend Emilia Smith In Yorkshire Ceremony

X Factor Star Lucy Spraggan Marries Girlfriend Emilia Smith In Yorkshire Ceremony

Lucy Spraggan has married girlfriend Emilia Smith in a star-studded Yorkshire ceremony.

The X Factor star, 32, was walked down the aisle by her close friend Simon Cowell ahead of the ceremony in Saltmarshe Hall.

Lucy opted for a stylish three-piece suit as she exchanged her vows with Emilia, who stunned in a beautiful strapless white wedding gown.

Sharing details of their big day with HELLO! the couple revealed that both Simon and their Boston Terrier Steve, who was dressed in a black bow tie outfit, took centre stage during the wedding.

Lucy also revealed that in a poignant move, she walked down the aisle to her own song, a gushing love composition dedicated to her now-wife, titled Other Sides of the Moon.

Lucy Spraggan has married girlfriend Emilia Smith in a star-studded Yorkshire ceremony, after Simon Cowell walked her down the aisle

Lucy Spraggan has married girlfriend Emilia Smith in a star-studded Yorkshire ceremony, after Simon Cowell walked her down the aisle

‘Simon and I were standing outside the door and my song started playing. I was already crying, and Simon definitely had a tear in his eye,’ she said.

‘I was linking arms with him but then I realised I was holding on to his arm. He kept saying, ”You’re OK, you’re all right.” Then when Emilia walked in with her dad I just sobbed.’

Discussing the moment she saw Lucy walk down the aisle for the first time, Emilia said: ‘When I saw Lucy, it was everything I ever imagined and more.

When I got to the top of the aisle Simon was looking at us both and he looked so proud, and so did my dad.’

Simon was joined by his fiancé Lauren Silverman for the occasion, alongside actor Tom Turgoose, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bimini Bon Boulash and Love Island star Adam Collard.

Other Sides Of The Moon is a stunning tribute to Lucy and tells the story of how the pair, friends for over 10 years, started their relationship and of the butterflies they both felt when messaging out the blue about a dream.

Speaking of the track, Lucy added: ‘I wrote Other Sides Of The Moon because now we are together it feels like we were both always looking at the same moon, just from different sides of it. 

‘Now we are on the same side, I finally realise what healthy love is supposed to feel like. I feel so lucky every day.’

Lucy previously revealed Simon Cowell will be walking her down the aisle after the pair patched up their relationship following her time on X Factor in 2012. 

The singer revealed last year that she left the show after she was raped by a hotel porter in the room where she was staying after partying with Rylan Clark during the show’s production.

Lucy explained that Simon was the first to apologise, previously admitting his call ‘just made things so much better for me.’

The star revealed she had popped the question to Emilia back in March after their friendship blossomed into a romance despite meeting over a decade ago in 2013. 

Speaking on the My Dirty Laundry podcast last month Lucy opened up about her relationship as she explained: ‘It’s been a surprise for both of us really because we’ve been friends for 10 years and it wasn’t until last year, late last year that we both sort of turned to each other and we’re like wait…’

‘We’ve been really, really good friends. We’ve known each other for more than a decade, and we’ve been really good friends for like four or five years. 

‘[The realisation for us happened] at exactly at the same time without saying anything to each other. She had a dream about me and she woke up and she’s like, ‘Oh, my God, I think I feel this way about Lucy’. 

‘And she sent me a text saying she was coming down to my show and I got butterflies and I was left thinking, ‘What was that?’ And that was like two days after her dream.

Confirming that Simon will be walking her down the aisle, Lucy said: ‘It’s actually true. We’ve just bonded so much over the last few years.

‘I actually asked him when we were in Barbados around Christmas time. We were all on the beach and like hanging out and it’s just really lovely. 

We were talking about the wedding. We weren’t even properly engaged then. And I was like, ‘Would you give me away?’ And he went for a swim in the sea.

‘And he came back and he was just said: ‘I’d be, I’d be honoured’. 

Lucy revealed that Simon’s role won’t end there. She said: ‘He is doing a speech and it’s funny because a lot of people feel like they know people who are on television. 

‘But there are different depths to different people. People give away different vulnerabilities for different things. And I feel really privileged to know Simon the way that I do.’ 

She joked: ‘His speech will probably go something like [mimics Simon on X Factor,] ‘I don’t like this wedding. I LOVE this wedding.’ 

Lucy didn’t give too much away when it came to the theme of her wedding. just saying it will be ‘quirky’ and ‘last minute,’ although she did admit to having a 12-tab spreadsheet. 

And despite having fostered 12 children when she was married to first wife, Georgina Gordon (they were together for six years but split in 2019), Lucy said she and Emilia don’t want children of their own. 

She said: ‘I definitely have a nurturing side about me but I know I don’t have a maternal side to me. I don’t wanna have kids and neither does Emilia. 

‘And that’s something that we’re both really happy with. And we’re quite looking forward to like this life where we get to do what we like, but we both have a niece and a nephew who we would take a bullet for.’


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