Anticipation Grows for Potential Saudi-Israel Normalization

Anticipation Grows for Potential Saudi-Israel Normalization

People are talking a lot about Saudi Arabia and Israel becoming friends. They have never really been friends before. Saudi Arabia doesn’t even recognize Israel as a country. This has been going on since Israel became independent in 1948. But in recent years, they have been quietly working together.

They are both worried about Iran, which is a big enemy for both of them. They share information and help each other out. Saudi Arabia even lets Israeli planes fly over its land. Israel has also helped Saudi Arabia with its cybersecurity.

They both see non-government groups and political Islamists as threats. This makes them feel like they have common interests.

Now, there’s news that Saudi Arabia might give money to the Palestinian Authority to get their leader to be friends with Israel. If Saudi Arabia and Israel become friends officially, it could change the Middle East a lot.

But there are problems. One is that the Palestinians don’t have their own country yet, and that’s a big issue. Saudi Arabia also has a lot of things it wants from the United States, like security help and support for its nuclear program. Israel’s government is also very right-wing, so they might not want to do what Saudi Arabia asks.

Some people think the U.S. government is trying to make Saudi Arabia and Israel friends. But it won’t be easy because of all these problems.

Saudi Arabia is a big deal in the Muslim world because it has Mecca and Medina, two really important religious sites. People in the Muslim world care a lot about what happens with the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia’s leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, wants to keep making demands on Israel for the Palestinians because people in the Arab world care about this issue. But if he gives up too much, it might not go well in the region.

Saudi Arabia also wants the U.S. to promise to protect it and give it weapons. This might not be easy because some U.S. politicians don’t want to be involved in other countries’ problems.

Time is also running out to make a deal because the U.S. is going to have an election soon. Saudi Arabia might want to take its time to put pressure on the U.S. government to give it what it wants. Or if the current U.S. president doesn’t win, they might try to make a deal with the next president.

In the end, Saudi Arabia and Israel both want to be friends, but it’s not clear when that will happen because of all the problems they have to solve.

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